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Kewaunee County Historical Society Gallery
​Collection of photos available at the Kewaunee County History Center, located in downtown Kewaunee.
Our Photo Gallery proudly presents a new “On The Road Again” experience. This time we will travel from Duvall in Red River Town on Highway AB through the Towns of Red River, Luxemburg, Montpelier and will end in Stangelville in the Town of Franklin. Along the way we will make visits to the historic settlements that were established by different European immigrant settlers.

On this journey we will join our young friend, who is patiently awaiting his ride. Hop on board with him and enjoy and relax on the Highway AB Tour in Kewaunee County. At the end of our tour we will have an unexpected surprise for our travelers.


The Duvall settlement was named after Joseph Duvall, a well-known businessman from Kewaunee, who was involved in the lumber and early banking history of Kewaunee County. He was a French Canadian from the Quebec area of Canada.
Joe Rouer’s Bar became famous for its hamburgers and friendly service in Northeast Wisconsin. It still is extremely popular today in 2021
Luxemburg Town

The first circled settlement on Luxemburg’s map is the well-known Frog Station tavern. You might as well stop; have a beer and be sure to buy the little boy a soda and candy bar. The area is a low- lying area and yes in spring there are frogs in the marsh.

The second circle on the map is that of the Village of Luxemburg. Originally, the four settling families came from what is now the Duchy of Luxemburg. The four families were the Colle, Kaut, Arendt, and Merens.

The Village of Luxemburg has become the third largest community in Kewaunee County. It is home to the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds and the expo center there also serves the county with governments offices. Enjoy some of the old photographs of this growing community.
Red River Town

The circle on the Red River map is our first stop on our journey. It is the home of Duvall, a Belgian community, which still retains its Belgian heritage and character.

The Town of Red River borders Door County on the north and Lincoln Town on the east and Luxemburg Town on the south. Red River Town was principally settled by immigrants from the country of Belgium. The settlement of Duvall is our first stop in our On The Road Again tour of County AB, which formerly was Highway A north of Luxemburg and State Highway from Luxemburg south to Mishicot in Manitowoc County. 
Montpelier Town

The circled settlement in Montpelier Town is that of Ellisville. There were many German immigrants to this area from Pommerania, Germany. After WWII, that region became part of Poland. One of the time- honored traditions among the German families was the making of Mettwurst, a sausage made from equal parts of pork and beef plus spices and then is smoked with fruit wood or maple to give it that great taste. If you have a desire to try this type of sausage, you can stop at Konop’s Meats in Stangelville at our last stop on this journey and buy a ring and try it. 
Franklin Town

On our “On The Road Again” journey will end in Stangelville, which is the circled settlement on the Franklin Town map. Franklin Town was settled by a large number of immigrants from what is now the Czech Republic. Especially, enjoyable at this stop is the beautiful St. Lawrence Church. It is on the National Historic Register. The interior is a treasure of religious and Czech culture. Be sure to make an effort to see this beautiful church and its wood carved altars and paintings.

This brings us to a conclusion of our road trip. The surprise is the last photo. We certainly, hope this never happens to anyone. Be mindful and careful. We hope you have enjoyed your new road trip and be sure to come to the Kewaunee County Historical Society History Center at 217 Ellis Street in downtown Kewaunee. 

We would be glad to meet with you and share more of the rich heritage of our Kewaunee County.