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The mission of the Kewaunee County Historical Society is to collect and preserve the history of Kewaunee County.
The Sheriff's Residence and Jail (now the Kewaunee Count Jail Meseum, since 1970) was the Justice Center for Kewaunee County from 1877 until 1969.  The Sheriff and his family lived in the residence and the Sheriff manaed the Jail/Justice Center.  The sheriff's wife was requied to cook and prepare the meals for the prisoners.

Joseph Wery took up residence in this facility in January 1877.  There were a total of thirty-nine sheriffs, who served in that office.  Joseph Horak was the sheriff in residence, when the new Justice Center on Juneau Street was first utilized.

There were four women, who served in the office of sheriff.  Emma Lutien was appointed to fulfill her husband's term, after he was killed in a car accident in 1924.  She never ran for office after completing that term.  Joseph and Jennie (Swintosky) Kassner, were the first husband/wife team to hold that office.  Charles Alvin (Hogan) and Leona (Forst) Kuehl filled the office in the 1950's.  Darwin and Christine (Derenne) Legois served in the 1960's.

The photos of the sheriffs shown here are only some of those, who served in what is now the county museum building.  In the Office of the Sheriff are located many photos of these former officials.  The museum, although small is filled with many artifacts which are focused on the history of Kewaunee County.  The museum is now on the National Historic Register for Historic Places.