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Walter Hendricks

The Kewaunee County Historical Society will be honoring veterans from our county's past on this page. Tribute to additional veterans will be made with each update to our website.

Those Who Served will give recognition to veterans from different military periods in Kewaunee County's history. There were service personnel, men and women, who made the supreme sacrifice for our country. This page will preserve for our readers, stories about these not to be forgotten heroes.
Classons - Five Generations of Classons

Carl A Lidral & Frank E Lidral
Don Schimmels  WWII Veteran - Maynard Lufter WWII Shipbuilder
Joseph G Treml - United States Army - Awarded Paratrooper Wings
William Upham - Civil War Veteran and Governor
Staff Sargent Sylvan Seidl
Soldier Wencel M. Walecka Jr.
Don Schimmels WWII Veteran -  & Maynard Lufter